Review: Fotojet – A Graphic Designing Software



Fotojet is a graphic-design service that makes photo-editing, collage making and designing photos look easy. The main interface has three major tabs- Design, Edit and Collage.

There are dozens of photo editing solutions out there, both online and offline – so what’s special about FotoJet? For a start, if you’ve used the other photo editing solutions/products that are available, both free and paid, you will know that you need at least some technical expertise to work with them. You’ll need to learn how they work by reading an instruction set or a “Help” menu.

That’s not the case with FotoJet – FotoJet allows you to edit photos, create collages, cards and so on, with maximum ease. It is quite simply, the best free online collage maker out there. It allows you to create a photo card or to create a collage using features such as the collage maker and create posters using the poster maker.

Its various modules are




All of your designs can be shared directly on social media or saved to your computer.
Fotojet is clearly a tool designed to help the clueless masses. Let’s hope this great service stays free for some time to come!

Whether you are someone working on a school project, or a fervent blogger or someone desperately looking to put together a custom card for your wife’s birthday- this is one service you don’t want to miss!

For more info, visit Fotojet


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  • Dr. Mukesh Garg Bird and Wildl

    good photo editing software..!! used it many times..!!
    here some collection of amazing photographs.
    HD wallpaper